This website has been prepared by Story Homes to make sure that all residents at High Wood have easy access to the full range of travel information required when you move into your new home.

Moving home for many people means a big change in lifestyle. Not only will you be living in a nice new house, you will also need to turn off the auto pilot and consider how you are going to travel to and from your new home. It’s a great time therefore to think about what the best travel options are for you, and how you could potentially save time and money by choosing sustainable travel modes.

Of course for many people and many trips the car offers the most practical travel option, but could you undertake some of your journeys on foot, by bike, using public transport, or even in the car with someone else who is heading your way? The information on this website will hopefully help you to answer some of those questions, however if you do want a little further advice we are here to help. Simply send us an email to and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.

Quick Links:

The Liftshare car share scheme

The Liftshare car share scheme allows residents to find others making similar journeys by car. Take a look.

Plan a journey by public transport

The Google directions mapping function allows you to plan any journey by public transport. Take a look.

Plan a journey by bike

Cyclestreets helps you a plan a journey by bike, and even tells you how hilly the route is. Take a look.